Monday, February 16, 2009


Oh my dear friends you may be reading this on my blog or on my facebook account....but either way come and stay with me at!!! read and laugh or read and cry and than leave your comments below...I want to know how you feel and i want to read your opinions. They brighten my day like the sun brightens our small solar system! If you like you can even follow my blog; that would make me feel special!!! The blog is the cog that turns your world much like non-alcoholic egg nog. Please join me in the world of blogging and let us experience a whole new world together....A whole new world...a dazzling place i never knew...but when i am way up here its crystal clear that now I'm in a whole new blog world with you....I expect Sean, Brett, Cassidy, Kelsi, Emily and Emily, Tod and Todd, Matt and everyone else to come and experience this new and adventurous blogging world with me.

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