Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello food reviews...

Hello fellow students and friends.  This is the first of what I hope to be many food reviews here in the Student Review.  My purpose in this review is to bring two things that I love together…food and people. I know how it feels to sit at home and wonder where you are going to take your ultra-hot date to eat this weekend; I know the persistent toggling between looking “expensively impressive” or “playing it safe and cheap”( sad but true).  I know what it feels like to want to eat out with friends but be too poor to do it. I know the feeling of hating Ramen Noodles, but still downing a few packages. The facts are; One, tons of restaurants, snack stops, and just plain good eats exist here in Utah County; Two, there are tons of creative and awesome people, with unique ideas and tastes, looking for fun and, or fine dining.  Have no fear…the review is here to try and line people up with their ideal eats.
How it works is I will try eats around the area and review them here in the Student Review.  I will rate food eateries on the basis of five categories; cost ability, date ability, taste ability, social ability, and serviceability.  Cost ability relates to all things financial about the place.  Date ability has everything to do with the establishment’s compatibility with a good date.  Taste ability is all about the food.  Was it good? Greasy? Filling? Unique?  Social ability deals in atmosphere and classiness.  Lastly, serviceability is how good the service is in all aspects of making the experience good for you the customer.  All ratings are submitted on a 1 to 5 scale…5 being “Holy Smokes that rocks my socks off!” and 1 being, “Let’s hit up a waffle house…gross!”
Mission one.  Tonight was a visit to a Provo classic (drum roll please)…”The Malt Shoppe” on University Avenue.  The Malt Shoppe is not new in most college circles.  It is an old fashioned hamburger joint that serves up the classics. When I say classics I obviously mean burgers, shakes, fries and an occasional corn dog.  Tonight, after a long day of study topped off with a three hour Chem 106 final, I could think of no better way to decompress than to drown my post-sorrows in an old fashioned shake.  The food was good, the jukebox was cookin’ and people were present in abundance.  My food choice consisted of the Pastrami Burger, a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake with fries.  Good stuff!!!
The Ratings.
Cost ability 3-Burgers are a bit on the higher end of fast food, but that does not mean you’re not getting a good bang for your buck. Besides that, shakes and sides are about the same price wise as most sit in fast food places.
Date ability 3.5- If you are looking for a fun place, with a warm atmosphere, where you and a date can chat over good food this is your place.  It fairly full on weekends and fairly empty on weekdays, but you will always have enough privacy to chat. Plus if conversation ever lags hit up the juke box and reset for more. The food is filling so I wouldn’t recommend eating here before an active activity like knife hunting or ultimate Frisbee.  It’s a nice sit down and relaxed place…good for a “DTR.” Jokes
Taste ability 3.8-The food is solid…Burgers are classic and filling and do taste good.  Fries are the weak- link but the Shakes more than make up for them.  Try a Chocolate and Peanut Butter shake…mmmmm.
Social ability 4- Especially on weekends this place is pretty packed…I have never gone and not met someone I know there.  The music and people make it a fun place to got whether on a date or with friends.
Serviceability 2.5-The one knock on the service is that it does take a bit of time to get your food on most occasions.
All in all I had a good time and I had some good food tonight and it was the perfect way to decompress after my last final.  If you are looking for a good classic hamburger, a great shake, or just a jukebox stop on by the Malt Shoppe right off of campus on University Avenue.  You will leave full and happy! That I can guarantee. Also if you have any places you would want me to check out just hit up my twitter or facebook.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A letter to my chemistry teacher

When thinking about what compounds I really wanted to dissect my mind jumped at a substance that has allowed others to give me loads of grief during my college years. Not a week goes by without someone being on my case about drinking diet sodas and I am sick of it.

“Did you know aspartame causes cancer?” “Don’t you realize aspartame makes you fat?” “Aspartame was used in the making of the first atomic bomb.” “That stuff will kill you!” These are the words I frequently hear from the “aspartame nay-Sayers.” Forget that I AM A DIABETIC, because that is not the real reason for my frustration. What really chaps my hide are people appointing themselves as my personal nutritional coaches, when they actually don’t know anything about this “divine gift to diabetics everywhere” themselves. I want to shut them up with some cold hard facts and only you can help me Dr. Macedone. I want to know what makes up this flakey white sugar substitute. I want to know what if anything could ever be dangerous within this substance that sprinkles over my cheerios like a light snowfall on a Christmas morning. I crave the knowledge I need to debunk the myth that aspartame is bad and dangerous for my body! Please help me sir!


Jordan Mulford, aka “Astounded at Aspartame

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ahh this is the college life!!!

I just thought i would tune into the old blog for a quick has been one of those wonderful college days that is going to be the first of many in a row...I awoke around 9 am and started doing homework (the best part of waking up). For the next 4 hours i studied chemistry getting prepared for yet another midterm....I actually reread all the material we had gone over this section because heaven knows i didn't read during the semester (I know i am an idiot). At 1 pm i went to Chemistry class and reviewed for the midterm on campus...this was followed by 3 more hours of last second cramming! By this time my mind was mush (and by that i mean ready to take a test) so i decided to go take a 3 hour chemistry test...ahh just got home and looked at my study guide...woops, turns out I missed a few questions on the exam. Oh well no time to think about a creativity final project i better start cause it is due tomorrow morning and i have another midterm to take tomorrow and another to take on Friday!!! In the immortal words of Hot Rod Hundley (former Jazz announcer), "You got to love it baby!"

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jazz dream job

Hey Hey i had a cool opportunity the other night. I won the Jazz dream job contest and was able to stand in with the Jazz social media team as the Jazz played the Kings! It was a fun time! I took my two brothers Seth and Cam and we had a VIP dinner before the game! During the game i sat in the media section next to the visitor tunnel. At half-time i was on the court and got a shout out from the announcer. I was able to briefly meet Al Jefferson, Randy Rigby, Matt Harpring, and Craig Bolerjack! It was pretty awesome! GO JAZZ!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

How should i know...I am a man!!

To: "the uninterested girl"
Maybe i have the intelligence of that sabre-toothed squirrel chasing acorns on the movie Ice Age (his actual name is Scrat). Maybe i have no tact like a racist grandma who hates your Jewish friends. Maybe i am as inexperienced at dating as Ugly Betty. Whatever the case may be I just need to know where you stand. I feel like i get conflicting messages...let me give you some examples.
We went out on our one date and I feel like we had a good time during those brief moments between your texting with "just some guy."-I am happy! However, i have tried to ask you out several times since and every time you lose your phone -I am unhappy! Luckily, on the other hand, you seem to always find it four hours later (like clock work) and send me that reassuring message, "hey jord...lost my phone...tots sux...4 reals sorry...may-b another time...;)" Oh how that winking emoticon gets me!!! I am happy! However, your real actions speak louder than your texted abrevs and smiley faces...for example, you seem to always find a way out of talking to me in class. I mean you have felt like ill and ditched class early four times this semester; Once you lost speaking ability because a bee stung your tongue; and twice you were asleep in your seat before i got to class and awoke just as class ended. What is the deal? I am unhappy!
I feel like I have the emotions of a middle school girl!!! I am up and i am down!!! Where are we?! Where do i stand?! On one hand you are being flirty in text and nice and for goodness sakes you have never VOCALLY EXPLAINED THAT YOU'RE NOT INTERESTED. On the other hand, however, you treat me like I threw a small puppy off of a very large your disgusted!
I think i have you figured are probably like girls in "chick flick movies." I just need to wait you out. Oh my gosh!! In reality you love just don't know it yet!
Well my dear I'll have you know that i am no fool...I read you loud and clear lady! Your actions say, "You suck like a young calf on a mother cow's utter." Your words say, "You have such a sweet spirit." I can read between the're in love with me!!!! You are just confused by your feelings. Having so many hormones and "times of the month" probably does not help. Well I just wanted to let you know that i am here and i will keep asking you out and being your man until that time when you can just verbalize what we both already know...You love me!
Love, "another clueless boy"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mash-up of my life since Jerusalem

Wow it has been an eternity since i wrote on this blog...only shorter. I am going to make a list....a list of some significant things that have happened to me or things that i have done since i got back to the United States of America...
1-Really got into running
a-ran several half marathons
b-ran the Red Rock Relay with my friends and took second place (that 160 some odd miles suckas)
c-ran the Top of Utah full marathon...(both the worst and best thing that i have done)
2-Dated a girl in the nursing program named Rachel
3-Dated another girl in the nursing program named Rachel...really two times with two different Rachels...both great girls by the way.
4-Am almost done with my Exercise Science Major at Brigham Young University...looking at PT schools currently
5-lived at home one but...never again.
6-Sea World
7-Drove from Utah to Kentucky and than up through Michigan and down through my mission in Wisconsin...hit up Chicago on my birthday and went to a Cubs game...also added Nauvoo temple to my temple quest.
8-Worked for my Uncle Ryan last summer...
9-First time gambling in Vegas...I won money...i can see how gambling could be addictive
10-Lived with my buddy Steven Mac Shelley and we enjoyed many crazy experiences...(5 hours of straight Tuchanos, a short modeling carreer, throwing flash mob wedding, starring in awesome commercials...etc.)
11-Pig Wrestling...took 3rd...I know 3 is not a winner
12-Got hired as a tour guide in Alaska only to be discriminated against and un-hired due to diabetes.
13-Lived through 5 floods in my basement apartment south of living is not all its cracked up to be.
14-Seen my siblings grow to receive the Priesthood and become men
15-Moved to Sparks 2
16-Various church callings that have helped me grow one of which was being a primary teacher
17-met many new people and made lots of new friends
18-turned 25...quarter century
19-City league's worst...i thought it was my fault and was spotty in attendance
20-quit my job as a BYU intramurals supervisor and am enjoying playing more than one sport per season now.
21-my buddy Jordan Wade got married...what! Oh Todd Matthews, Oh pretty much Marc Steele....okay so pretty much most of my friends are married...I am a late bloomer okay
22-witnessed Jimmermania, Linsanity, and Tebowmania
23-trying to get back into playing lots of bball
24-all the college fun times (shooting, dates, golf, Festival of Colors, go-carts, hustling my roommates via bowling, house warming parties...etc.)
25-won a job with the Utah Jazz
26-finally bought a laptop
27-played Willy Nilly
28-applied to be on the Bachelorette