Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well my intramural team lost for the first team this season and it was rough...Oh dear!! I feel like we should have won...I mean we have enough talent but we just struggled to be on the same page all night. Haaha it is not like i helped; i definitely played like a hippopotomus with a turn glut muscle it was quite sad!!!
The worst thing that happened though was that i lost my temper even at my roomate who is like one of my best buds. Ughh i just was frustrated at myself and unjustly let that concern spill over to my teamates. Well this is a melancholy and not so great first blog; I am new to the craze!!!!
Well the lesson that i learned, yet again, is the fact that i need to be more humble...and basketball is not that big of a deal!
On a brighter note lately i have been addicted to the tv show heroes and man when i say addicted i mean like a moth to the flame! IT is good and i am sure others can relate!
WEll it has been fun; the blogs willl get better!


  1. Yay for a new blog. Welcome to the blogosphere. Don't feel bad for venting on a blog, that's partly what they're good for. I recommend LOST. I have heard Heroes was good, but has since gone downhill, but LOST is just getting better and better.