Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ouch Moments that Define us!

well hello friends and family and whoever else stumbles upon this blog!!! I have had the opportunity to think deeply about life and especially the hard times in life! I recently lost one of my dear friends and I feel inadequate to express how hard that was for me! See i am the type of guy that really loves easily and totally and when i lose those around me i take it very hard! I can honestly attest that it was one of the hardest trials that i have been through! Anyway this got me to thinking alot about hard things in life. I have come to the conclusion that these hard times and heart break times are crossroads in our lives! I looked back at some of the most heart wrenching and absolutely painful experiences that i have had in my life and i can absolutely say that these times have served as defining moments! We always here that theLord refines us and that the Lord molds us and i can honestly say that hard experiences have helped me to become who i need to be!
Every time we come to these hard times where we feel our hearts crack we can go one of two ways! We can either fly under the radar and give up or we really can apply ourselves to learning knew things, serving others, and coming to the Lord! I promise that the way to go is to commend ourselves to our Heavenly Father and let him make of us what he will! Those hurts in our hearts are just the Lord carving them out so that they can hold more love later!
In closing just remember the next time you hurt and feel like life will never be the same cherixh that experience and that hurt and let it work in you to become a better person! commend yourself to the Lord, go to the Temple, find peace in prayer and scrpture study, and be still and watch God design that beautiful tapestry He is making of your life!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do you know what i did last summer?

Dear readers i remember a time when i was a lad in Santa Clara Utah getting out of the car with my mom and dad at the city park! Oh how wonderful was the sight of swing and slides in the summer sun! Ohhh parks were a big part of my young life. From t-ball to coach pitch to pitching machine and finally to pitching by extremely fast and innacurate older kids baseball all happened at the various parks that dotted the greater St. George area!
Can i just tell you that it never once occurred to me at any time that someone actually took care of these parks. It was an ahaha moment when i realized someone actually mowed that lawn and someone actually prunes those trees and someone actually cleans those bath....oh actually no one does that!
I am now 22 years old...I am 6'1" and very good looking...and i have taken a second job this summer taking care of parks for the city of Orem! Can you believe that! Because of this job or should i say North Korean torture i have realized the need to respet our parks...and i would like to convey to my readers the need to salute the park maintenance man!
Here is an ode to the ever heroic park maintanance man:
He wakes early in the morning and drives to his post...the same post at which he has been sentry day in and day out for fourty hours a week all summer long! He wonders, "what does the day hold for me?" He can only hope to have an easy day of mowing lawns and fixing sprinklers and weed wacking but he is not niave. He knows that behind every bathroom stall there is stench with a chance of unflushed toilets. Oh how he dreads picking up poo with shovels k9 and human fecal matter alike! Or maybe he will run into hygene products today!? This unsung hero never knows every stall is like a russian roulette with 5 bullets in the the 6 slot chamber! After bathrooms he knows he will clean up garbage. Loads and loads of garbage. Chances are likely that he will be drenched by rancid garbage juices leaking from not so secure bags! Oh the horror!
His mind wonders as he drives an empty state street! Maybe his mower will break again! Or a bird will attack him today! Maybe cute little demon children that can be called AGents of Evil will break things he just fixed today! eeek his mind is wondering now! he is veering in and out of lanes. He is truly lucky that he is a lone driver this morning! A cold sweat crosses his brow as he remembers! He hears and sees things in his sleep because he dreads his job so badly!
He arrives and readies himself to wrestle with firehoses, to pick up poo, to clean up vomit, to declog grains, to edge, to weed wack, to mow, to clean grills, to clean tables, to pick up refuse, to save baby birds and plop them into there nests to only become a target for there fodder when they are old, to take care of every parents kids, to remove graffitti, and of course to stand as a gaurdian at his post, the city Park!!!
Today we salute you Park Maintenance Man!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the apple of my eye!

So there is this girl (giggle giggle)...haha. She is an amazing person she really is! I have known her now for over a year and man we have had some great times! She is easily my best bud and we even dated for a bit. haha she is great! So I am going to now share ten Great moments since i have known her.
10-One time we went to state basketball together and watched my old school in action! On the way home i had her laughing so hard! it was great just laughing together.....and so on and so forth!
9-We went on a fancy date to Tepinyakis dressed in our nicest attire...it was fun we ordered the most expensive thing on the menu and pretended to be really rich although we definitely are not!
8-when she went to Ukraine for 5 months she and i emailed each other for the whole time and it was so fun to read up on each other! In fact i read them again just today and i realize how great and patient she has been with me!
7-haha we dressed as babies and went to a ward bowling party! we had bought footy pajamas!
6-WE used to work out together and one day while jogging we ran into a huge hail storm we were soaked!
5-On many occasions i have listened to her tell stories...i just like listening to her especially when she is really passionate about the story! talking to her was the best! i used to take her to class like all the time and we would just chat and that was super fun!
4-Haha coming in at number4 is obviously the time she cried because of me and i drove down to rain tree at 2 am and just heard her out and we talked!
3-Doing service together was always fun! we made valentimes for each other and went to the food bank together! I love when she is passionate about the Gospel and really important things. she has helped me be a better person for sure!
2-I sang "out of my league" and so on and so forth.
1-I took her on a date and tipped her over in the lake...we were tredding water for over an hour and I ruined her camera and lost her phone and we looked like two drowned rats!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello one and all i just wanted to write a blog so you would all know that i am not dead! I am actually alive! Where you may have thought me to be at the bottom of Utah lake chained to a chair i am in fact just residing comfortably at my apartment in Provo Utah. I would love to tell you where that apartment is but due to the masses of fans i have, that have adoringly entitled themselves "the X Factor" i cannot reveal my secret lair for fear that i may be run over by a stampede of fans wanting autographs, pictures, or articles of my clothing!
BAck to the blog.. I just found out that there is such a thing as Sasquatch!!! Seriously i saw him with my own eyes while camping in Camus Utah the other weekend. I know what you are thinkin, "JOrdan drank to much of the 'fire water' again." In my defense i have never touched alcohol in my life...unless you count the condensation that comes off of a drunk persons breath...cause in that case i would qualify as an alcoholic as a missionary. Truly as far as drinking alcohol though i have never partaken and it has never been a temptation for me...though i have been offered the vile substance at times. Again i stray...my apologies! Scary as it may be,i was with two of my friends, namely Lindsey Jordan and Carly Cook, and we were talking about this big footed beast around the camp fire, and yes sasquatch qualifies as a beast (refer to earlier blog about beasts), more specifically we were talking about "a Goofy Movie" in which Sasquatch is shown doing disco like John Travolta! hahaha it is a funny scene and even funnier when you have Carly imitatiting Big Foot who was dancing disco in th flick. Anyway we were talking this scene up and watching Carly dance and laughing when i heard my stomach talk to me in stomach language, which actually is a lot like German. My gastro intestinal track said, "Jordan, it is getting a little like L.A. rushhour down in here, could you help us out?" When i heard this kind statement from my stomach a did what anyone would do...i ignored it. Well after watching Carly and now Lindsey dance like complete morons for some time my stomach must have been sick of the display cause it communicated again to me this time in it a much more aggresive dialect. It growled, " You idiot! You are asking for colon cancer! GO! Go! GO!" well this was enough for me and i grabbed the t.p. and booked it into the Camus wilderness......For fear of being discovered i trudged like Lewis and Clark across what seemed like the entire continent until i found the perfect spot and parden my french (palrle vou francais), assumed the position!?! It was in the dark wildernes while in the position that i saw them...gulp...two beady eyes staring at me from across the way in a bush! "Oh dear" i thought...."what could it be?" those eyes and my eyes stare at each other for over 10 minutes trying to figure each other out. Atleast it seemed that long. The eyes moved and seemed to raise! I soon realized whatever beast these eyes belonged was much bigger than i...this thing was standing up adn then i realized i had been staring at BIG FOOt...he had been crouching in the bush....needless to say i told my stomach in broken german that they could wait and i ran off! The END