Thursday, June 11, 2009

the apple of my eye!

So there is this girl (giggle giggle)...haha. She is an amazing person she really is! I have known her now for over a year and man we have had some great times! She is easily my best bud and we even dated for a bit. haha she is great! So I am going to now share ten Great moments since i have known her.
10-One time we went to state basketball together and watched my old school in action! On the way home i had her laughing so hard! it was great just laughing together.....and so on and so forth!
9-We went on a fancy date to Tepinyakis dressed in our nicest was fun we ordered the most expensive thing on the menu and pretended to be really rich although we definitely are not!
8-when she went to Ukraine for 5 months she and i emailed each other for the whole time and it was so fun to read up on each other! In fact i read them again just today and i realize how great and patient she has been with me!
7-haha we dressed as babies and went to a ward bowling party! we had bought footy pajamas!
6-WE used to work out together and one day while jogging we ran into a huge hail storm we were soaked!
5-On many occasions i have listened to her tell stories...i just like listening to her especially when she is really passionate about the story! talking to her was the best! i used to take her to class like all the time and we would just chat and that was super fun!
4-Haha coming in at number4 is obviously the time she cried because of me and i drove down to rain tree at 2 am and just heard her out and we talked!
3-Doing service together was always fun! we made valentimes for each other and went to the food bank together! I love when she is passionate about the Gospel and really important things. she has helped me be a better person for sure!
2-I sang "out of my league" and so on and so forth.
1-I took her on a date and tipped her over in the lake...we were tredding water for over an hour and I ruined her camera and lost her phone and we looked like two drowned rats!

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