Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do you know what i did last summer?

Dear readers i remember a time when i was a lad in Santa Clara Utah getting out of the car with my mom and dad at the city park! Oh how wonderful was the sight of swing and slides in the summer sun! Ohhh parks were a big part of my young life. From t-ball to coach pitch to pitching machine and finally to pitching by extremely fast and innacurate older kids baseball all happened at the various parks that dotted the greater St. George area!
Can i just tell you that it never once occurred to me at any time that someone actually took care of these parks. It was an ahaha moment when i realized someone actually mowed that lawn and someone actually prunes those trees and someone actually cleans those bath....oh actually no one does that!
I am now 22 years old...I am 6'1" and very good looking...and i have taken a second job this summer taking care of parks for the city of Orem! Can you believe that! Because of this job or should i say North Korean torture i have realized the need to respet our parks...and i would like to convey to my readers the need to salute the park maintenance man!
Here is an ode to the ever heroic park maintanance man:
He wakes early in the morning and drives to his post...the same post at which he has been sentry day in and day out for fourty hours a week all summer long! He wonders, "what does the day hold for me?" He can only hope to have an easy day of mowing lawns and fixing sprinklers and weed wacking but he is not niave. He knows that behind every bathroom stall there is stench with a chance of unflushed toilets. Oh how he dreads picking up poo with shovels k9 and human fecal matter alike! Or maybe he will run into hygene products today!? This unsung hero never knows every stall is like a russian roulette with 5 bullets in the the 6 slot chamber! After bathrooms he knows he will clean up garbage. Loads and loads of garbage. Chances are likely that he will be drenched by rancid garbage juices leaking from not so secure bags! Oh the horror!
His mind wonders as he drives an empty state street! Maybe his mower will break again! Or a bird will attack him today! Maybe cute little demon children that can be called AGents of Evil will break things he just fixed today! eeek his mind is wondering now! he is veering in and out of lanes. He is truly lucky that he is a lone driver this morning! A cold sweat crosses his brow as he remembers! He hears and sees things in his sleep because he dreads his job so badly!
He arrives and readies himself to wrestle with firehoses, to pick up poo, to clean up vomit, to declog grains, to edge, to weed wack, to mow, to clean grills, to clean tables, to pick up refuse, to save baby birds and plop them into there nests to only become a target for there fodder when they are old, to take care of every parents kids, to remove graffitti, and of course to stand as a gaurdian at his post, the city Park!!!
Today we salute you Park Maintenance Man!!!

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  1. Thanks park Maintenance guy!
    so... santa clara huh? I love Santa clara. I have family there. They are the best. It's a beautiful area.