Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ouch Moments that Define us!

well hello friends and family and whoever else stumbles upon this blog!!! I have had the opportunity to think deeply about life and especially the hard times in life! I recently lost one of my dear friends and I feel inadequate to express how hard that was for me! See i am the type of guy that really loves easily and totally and when i lose those around me i take it very hard! I can honestly attest that it was one of the hardest trials that i have been through! Anyway this got me to thinking alot about hard things in life. I have come to the conclusion that these hard times and heart break times are crossroads in our lives! I looked back at some of the most heart wrenching and absolutely painful experiences that i have had in my life and i can absolutely say that these times have served as defining moments! We always here that theLord refines us and that the Lord molds us and i can honestly say that hard experiences have helped me to become who i need to be!
Every time we come to these hard times where we feel our hearts crack we can go one of two ways! We can either fly under the radar and give up or we really can apply ourselves to learning knew things, serving others, and coming to the Lord! I promise that the way to go is to commend ourselves to our Heavenly Father and let him make of us what he will! Those hurts in our hearts are just the Lord carving them out so that they can hold more love later!
In closing just remember the next time you hurt and feel like life will never be the same cherixh that experience and that hurt and let it work in you to become a better person! commend yourself to the Lord, go to the Temple, find peace in prayer and scrpture study, and be still and watch God design that beautiful tapestry He is making of your life!

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