Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Now accepting applications

Dear readers,
How are you all? I just wanted to officially put myself on the market with this Lovesick blog application! If your interested leave your name and number and the answers to the quick survey at the bottom of this blog in the comments section! haha If youre really interested you may bring cookies to my apartment to meet personally i really especially like Chocolate chip! yum.
Well to tell you all a little about myself i am 6'1" tall and I weigh 175 pounds! (lean mean loving machine) I have green brown eyes that even turn gold sometimes (can anyone say Edward Cowen?) I am athletic and i love to play any sport...I love to run and hike and hit up the lake! I enjoy good camping trips and doing ramdom things! I think i am pretty good looking but i guess that is debatable! (but honestly 95% of all females find me lucious) If i could be any icecream it would be Peanut Butter N' Chocolate from Baskin Robbins! I have had many sweet experiences and would love to tell you about them! I have even written a short novel entitled Guns and Taxes and Roses too! It is a goody!
I love going out on dates and i love making people happy and i love trying new things and i love just chilling and always being myself and if you dont like me than that is tough cause i am one in a million! I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ and if you have any questions i would love to try and answers those questions to the best of my ability! I went on an LDS mission to Wisconsin and when i gave my farewell talk i wore a cheese head hat! that just goes to show that i am a goof! I love laughing and laughing so please be funny and think i am funny!!! Actually Jerry Seinfeld voted me the funniest Mormon alive in 07 so ....
WEll let me ask you all a few questions:
1-How big is your dad and does he own a gun and if you answered yes to either of those question please explain his favorite fighting style and how good of a shot he is.
2-Do you or do you not kiss well? haha but seriously...If the answer is no would you be willing to go through basic training.
3-DO you have grieving past boyfriends seeking revenge or blood?
4-Who are you most like...Elaine from Seinfeld...Fibi from friends...Rachel from friends...PAm from the Office...Claire in the Cosby show...or Miss Piggy in any Muppet films
5-What is more fun? shopping or hiking
6-Weapon of choice? gun, knife, knitting needles, brass knuckles, or baseball bat and why? these questions can be very telling.
7-Are your nicknames names that deal with overly possesiveness or total aloofness for example have you ever been called "the clinger" or "the black widow"?
8-Do you enjoy the company of dancing elves?
9-Would you rather marry someone that is smoking hot but is not funny and compatable with you or marry someone ugly that is easy to talk to, smart, and compatable with you?
10-Tell me your opinion on female bathing suits?
Thanks for your time and effort i will get back to ya!


  1. Hey friend, I didn't know you were in love with yourself so much!

  2. Before you find a girlfriend using the fact that you look like Edward from the Twilight Series you should know his name is Edward CULLEN! You are such a catch good luck!

  3. Oh man, I am so nervous. First off I guess I should tell you a little about myself. My full name is Kristine Child. I am from Bountiful Utah. I'm 5'7 1/2" (the half is very important) I have brown hair and hazel eyes that change colors with my mood. Quite frankly I am extremely clumsy and uncoordinated. (I did play club volleyball back in the day.) I love to watch sports though, in fact I plan on going into Sports Marketing. I love to sew, clean, and just plain hang out. I don't think I could choose a flavor of ice cream to be since I can't even choose which one to eat on any given day. I have been told I am quite humorous. I too am LDS and love everything about it. I am looking for somebody to keep me entertained. On to the questionaire...

    1. My father is 6'3" and is big but is slimming down due to his new cycling hobby. He wouldn't hurt a fly, and used to be a singles ward bishop, so he loves chilling with any young adult dudes.
    2. I was voted "Best Lips in Bountiful"...TWICE.
    3. Grieving boyfriends? Hmmm...I am a tough one to get over, but most of them are peaceful dudes.
    4. I am going to go with Pam/a write in entry of Monica from Friends.
    5. That depends on how rich I am at the current moment because I LOVE bookstores and kitchen appliance stores.
    6. Bat
    7. I really hope that I don't have a creepy nick name.
    8. Love the movie Elf more than one person should....
    9. Smoking hot guys make me nervous. So funny all the way. Unless he is smoking hot AND funny...hmmm. Nah, I would take a geek any day of the week.
    10. I like to leave things to the imagination.....for the most part.

    I hope I did well and keep in mind that I am a domestic GODDESS. :D