Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Wall

Well hello one and all...I know that i have not written as diligently as i need to do!!! I do have things to tell you though about this wonderful land we call Holy!! It is fantastic...I have visited many places and been witness to many examples of different religious beliefs...Let me tell you about one such occasion...There is a wall here known as the Wailing Wall this wall is held sacred by the Jewish people and they often are found worshipping at the wall. Jews will often pray at the wall and write written prayers and stick them into the cracks of the wall...when they pray they rock back and forth and read from the scriptures. They do this so that they can show the Lord that they are using their heart, might, mind and souls in their worship! After praying they back up slowly from the wall so as not to turn there backs on the Lord. I have also prayed at the wall and stuck my written prayer into the cracks that are all over in it.

Why is this wall so sacred you may ask. Well let me give you the brief synopsis. This is where the temple of Solomon stood before it was destroyed...than Zerubabel rebuilt his temple their. Finally Herod added onto the temple and made it a marvelous and magnificent place in his time.
This temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70AD. The Wall is what is left of the temple mount of Herod's temple. It is holy to the Jews as it is the last remnant of the temple that they have!

The other night i went to the temple to welcome in the Sabbath with my peers. The wall was transformed to a jovial party. When these guys say they are welcoming in the Sabbath they really do a bang up job!!! WE were dancing and singing and making merry! It was such a cool experience....people were in there nice clothes praying and worshipping together....It was so cool!!! Bottom line if you are the kind of person that is spiritual and at the same time loves to party it up...I have found the place for you!!!

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