Thursday, April 5, 2012

A letter to my chemistry teacher

When thinking about what compounds I really wanted to dissect my mind jumped at a substance that has allowed others to give me loads of grief during my college years. Not a week goes by without someone being on my case about drinking diet sodas and I am sick of it.

“Did you know aspartame causes cancer?” “Don’t you realize aspartame makes you fat?” “Aspartame was used in the making of the first atomic bomb.” “That stuff will kill you!” These are the words I frequently hear from the “aspartame nay-Sayers.” Forget that I AM A DIABETIC, because that is not the real reason for my frustration. What really chaps my hide are people appointing themselves as my personal nutritional coaches, when they actually don’t know anything about this “divine gift to diabetics everywhere” themselves. I want to shut them up with some cold hard facts and only you can help me Dr. Macedone. I want to know what makes up this flakey white sugar substitute. I want to know what if anything could ever be dangerous within this substance that sprinkles over my cheerios like a light snowfall on a Christmas morning. I crave the knowledge I need to debunk the myth that aspartame is bad and dangerous for my body! Please help me sir!


Jordan Mulford, aka “Astounded at Aspartame

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