Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ahh this is the college life!!!

I just thought i would tune into the old blog for a quick has been one of those wonderful college days that is going to be the first of many in a row...I awoke around 9 am and started doing homework (the best part of waking up). For the next 4 hours i studied chemistry getting prepared for yet another midterm....I actually reread all the material we had gone over this section because heaven knows i didn't read during the semester (I know i am an idiot). At 1 pm i went to Chemistry class and reviewed for the midterm on campus...this was followed by 3 more hours of last second cramming! By this time my mind was mush (and by that i mean ready to take a test) so i decided to go take a 3 hour chemistry test...ahh just got home and looked at my study guide...woops, turns out I missed a few questions on the exam. Oh well no time to think about a creativity final project i better start cause it is due tomorrow morning and i have another midterm to take tomorrow and another to take on Friday!!! In the immortal words of Hot Rod Hundley (former Jazz announcer), "You got to love it baby!"

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