Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mash-up of my life since Jerusalem

Wow it has been an eternity since i wrote on this blog...only shorter. I am going to make a list....a list of some significant things that have happened to me or things that i have done since i got back to the United States of America...
1-Really got into running
a-ran several half marathons
b-ran the Red Rock Relay with my friends and took second place (that 160 some odd miles suckas)
c-ran the Top of Utah full marathon...(both the worst and best thing that i have done)
2-Dated a girl in the nursing program named Rachel
3-Dated another girl in the nursing program named Rachel...really two times with two different Rachels...both great girls by the way.
4-Am almost done with my Exercise Science Major at Brigham Young University...looking at PT schools currently
5-lived at home one but...never again.
6-Sea World
7-Drove from Utah to Kentucky and than up through Michigan and down through my mission in Wisconsin...hit up Chicago on my birthday and went to a Cubs game...also added Nauvoo temple to my temple quest.
8-Worked for my Uncle Ryan last summer...
9-First time gambling in Vegas...I won money...i can see how gambling could be addictive
10-Lived with my buddy Steven Mac Shelley and we enjoyed many crazy experiences...(5 hours of straight Tuchanos, a short modeling carreer, throwing flash mob wedding, starring in awesome commercials...etc.)
11-Pig Wrestling...took 3rd...I know 3 is not a winner
12-Got hired as a tour guide in Alaska only to be discriminated against and un-hired due to diabetes.
13-Lived through 5 floods in my basement apartment south of living is not all its cracked up to be.
14-Seen my siblings grow to receive the Priesthood and become men
15-Moved to Sparks 2
16-Various church callings that have helped me grow one of which was being a primary teacher
17-met many new people and made lots of new friends
18-turned 25...quarter century
19-City league's worst...i thought it was my fault and was spotty in attendance
20-quit my job as a BYU intramurals supervisor and am enjoying playing more than one sport per season now.
21-my buddy Jordan Wade got married...what! Oh Todd Matthews, Oh pretty much Marc Steele....okay so pretty much most of my friends are married...I am a late bloomer okay
22-witnessed Jimmermania, Linsanity, and Tebowmania
23-trying to get back into playing lots of bball
24-all the college fun times (shooting, dates, golf, Festival of Colors, go-carts, hustling my roommates via bowling, house warming parties...etc.)
25-won a job with the Utah Jazz
26-finally bought a laptop
27-played Willy Nilly
28-applied to be on the Bachelorette