Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hmmm have no fear i am still here!

Hello faithful friends and followers of this blog i have not forgotten about you and in fact i have some things to write today! I know you probably all thought that i died from the swine flu or from some disease that developed from a third world country but i am hoping to put a stop to these rumors now. I have a tale to tell you that truly occurred to me the other day.

Once upon a time i was drafted in the 13th round of the Provo City League draft to the proud "Dish One" team! It was a great day for my family and i and although their is no guaranteed money my rookie year (or ever for that matter) I hope that i can play well enough to get into a Spanish Developmental league or something where i could make minimum wage! I know that i have lofty goals but hey what i am a dreamer.

The season debut came at Centennial Middle School in front of a capacity crowd of 4 people and 1 was i nervous. My nerves soon gave way to basketball instinct however as i slipped on the ice rink we were playing on back and forth through the first half. I finished as my teams leading scorer with 6 points or something like that. The juices were flowing now and everything was looking towards a bright career in untalented basketball leagues throughout the world! I am pretty sure that is how Greg Ostertag and Chris Kaman got there starts and look at them now!!! Need i say more?

Early in the third quarter disaster struck! I was running a loose ball down on the baseline and like a large predatory cat i leaped to save the basketball...It was beautiful and then everything went dark! I woke up a couple minutes later surrounded by people...apparently i had run myself into the brick wall on the baseline and knocked myself out! Everything was fuzzy and i was really loopy for the rest of the evening! A few days, six stitches and a black eye later i am here to tell you that i am okay and have realized my dreams of being an underground basketball pro have fallen short...much like other childhood dreams i have being a cop, being an NFL star, winning the Tour De France and being able to tap dance! I just am writing to let my fans know of my retirement from the Provo City League...It will be another five years before i can be drafted into the PCL Hall of Fame where i may join greats like...Ostertag, Shawn Bradley, Ronnie Price, Brett Kocherhans and Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg).

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